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When I say "well-established", I imply a marriage agency that has been in the dating business for a while now.

You want to deal with an agency that: From each agency choose up to 3 girls that you would like to meet.

She goes by then name of Elena Mnushko, or at least that's what she called herself with me. Petersburg,194100,1-Murinski pr.15-16 and a phone # 704.

In the first email, introduce yourself and suggest that you have a 5 to 10-minute video call (let's be frank, there is not much to talk about when you don't know a person ..... I do not advise that you write too many emails to a girl for reasons mentioned above.

All this might be an absolute scam, and someone is just sucking money out of your pockets.

I'm 25y.o.,my birthday 21 of September,enouth tall-170cm and athletic girl. We're very closed with my parents and they take care about me and help me always.

I'm from Russia,one of the biggest city-Saint-Petersburg. I have University degree,art design education, I finished my University 1 year ago,my job is a designer.

If you want more pictures of her (last time I only sent 4 for an example) I have all the 22 pics she sent over the course of these 7 emails. Also note that the last email (#7) is from her "mom" so actually I got 22 pics ove 6 emails over a span of just 1 week!!

My name is Elena,but my nickname on site-elenabest. I'm single,without children yet,but I hope to find my future by net...Based on what you want, settle upon a city you want to go to.Select a couple of well-established marriage agencies that have offices in that city.As a single man: If you are in Ukraine and would like to meet someone for a serious relationship, here is what I suggest that you do: Here everything is simple as it does not really matter which city you visit. Think of activities you would enjoy doing while in our country: visiting historical sites, getting some tan on the seaside etc.There is a high likelihood that the girl(s) you'll be visiting might not be able to spend all of their time with you.I try to believe in net,cause one of my best friends just found by this way her husband,it was about 2 years ago,and she lives now in Italy and really happy.

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