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This creates an area of peace and visual satisfaction for the homeowner to enjoy. Some are better than others but the look of a tiled shower is just much better than a tub/shower combination.

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Bathroomupdating com

Bathrooms are heavily used and savings a few dollars on low quality products will cost you more in the long run. Clean it often, vacuum out the exhaust fan at least twice a year, keep an eye out for worn caulking and grout.

Overtime a slow leak around your tile perimeter will develop into a big problem.

If you are unable to reach me, I might possibly be buried under powdered sugar – that’s a lot of frosting! Last you saw us, we looked like this: Unfortunately, we’re still down to one shower for 7 people.. and it’s going splashingly, and I’d love to say we are finished, but instead I have one word to say – delays. We hadn’t any idea of the delays we’d encounter when we started this project. If you would like to check back to where we started, please, take a peek at our befores!

So, Shay worked diligently to install the Durock, which is another name for cement board.

Nine of those, we are responsible for planning in some capacity.

Truly, it’s birthday season, and we’ll see you in July! For now, we still need to get this bathroom finished!

My oldest baby, Brandon, turned 23 and my amazing Father-in-law turned 39.

It’s been a great start to the month so far, as our birthday season has begun!

Paolillo's Bathroom Remodeling Company updates existing owner occupied residential bathrooms (full gut and rebuilds, no partial remodels), including tub to shower conversions, bathroom expansions and adding a bathroom within an existing home (not in the basement).

We provide the labor and the homeowner purchases or pays for all the finish materials from retailers of their choice.

Size is usually limited by the existing structure and/or their budget.


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