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Belarusian women are quite stunning with long blonde hair, beautiful penetrating eyes, and tall stature.

A common misconception is that Belarusian girls are Russian. Belarus babes tend to resemble their Russian, Ukrainian, and Polish sisters but there are also many differences.

Problems with Pursuing a Belarus Bride One of the problems with pursuing beautiful Belarus girls is that the government of Belarus is still more or less a Soviet styled Communist dictatorship.

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Don't play games with her head or have multiple women going at the same time.

Higher Education Like Russia, the Ukraine, and other countries in Eastern Europe the education system in Belarus is still very good, perhaps the culture just places a higher value on education.

And they don't get as much attention as hot Russian brides or beautiful Ukrainian girls.

So, that might make Belarus the right place for you to start your search for a woman to date or marry.

They do not prescribe to the idea of "women doing everything themselves" they think men are there to protect women.

Another great feature of women from Belarus is they are far more problem solving oriented.

At one point the Belarusian government even made an effort to restrict the mail order bride business in Belarus, because they felt that the hottest women were leaving, but, thankfully, they gave up.

Motivated to Meet Western Men Because the economy is so poor in Belarus, which is not a member of the European Union, Belarusian brides are more likely to be even more enthusiastic about leaving their country to marry a Western man than Ukrainian or Russian women.

Remember that culture in Belarus is basically a traditional western culture.


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  2. Focus on the less superficial stuff, not how tall or suave or sexy you want your prospect to be.

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  5. The lower Coast Mountains (1,500–2,000 m) near the Skeena River increase in altitude to the north.

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