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A large number of international organizations have their offices in Brussels. The economy of the country is based on extremely developed high-tech growth of the private and public sector as well as very modern transportation network.The specialized industrial and commercial sector ensures the stability of the economy as well.

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Historic cities such as Bruges and Antwerp draw a steady stream of visitors who buy the local lace, beer and chocolate.

As well as enjoying some great views of Belgiums cities, parrot-lovers will enjoy the unusual parrot webcam.

It is a constitutional monarchy with a popular king, Albert II as head of state.

Belgium has a maritime temperate climate, similar to its neighbours France, Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

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Belgium is situated in Western Europe and its size is more or less equal to Maryland. Its main rivers are Meuse and Schelde, which also play an important role as commercial route.Prices in special clubs are much higher - up to 300 euros." On the main roads of Belgium you can often find bars with pink, red, blue or violet light.According to very preliminary estimates, in Belgium, currently employs about 20,000 prostitutes.Brothels with typical window display is in Antwerp, Brussels and Ghent.Kampenhout Located 5km NE of Brussels Airport with a view towards the north.

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