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The giant airships made large, slow targets which were highly vulnerable to destruction by an enemy’s planes.Although the Navy originally envisioned the airships as scouting vessels which carried airplanes for fighter defense, over time (and over the objection of officers like Charles Rosendahl) the Navy eventually realized that the vulnerable airship itself was best employed in the background, out of sight of the enemy; the airship’s function would be to carry scouting planes within range of the enemy.That day I was feeling low because all my friends went home for the holidays. Grabbed my coat and gloves and headed cross campus to the Dean’s residence. She looked great in a low cut black corset top, French style short skirt, black stockings with garters and high heels. Vicky moved to her back as she guided me on top of her.

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I love to wear pantyhose and panties because they feel good on my skin and I feel so sexy when I do. My brain was screaming, “What the fuck is happening? One of my staff has come down with something and can’t help with our guests. My cock was hard as a rock as I feverishly jerked off as I stammered, “Yes, Vicky whatever you want.” “Good then, see you at six,” she said, as she hung up. Vicky explained, “You are to serve the guest drinks. You have catered to my husband’s needs along with the needs of some professors and most of the rugby team so I am sure you understand what I mean. ” “Yes Vicky, I believe I do.” At that point my little cock sprang to attention pushing up out the top of my panties but was restricted by the tight maid skirt. I looked into John’s eyes as I happily swallowed his entire sweet load. She expertly pushed some in as she fingered my waiting love tunnel. I must say it did hurt as he relentlessly pounded with all his might until he also came. My ass was being filled for the sixth time when I couldn’t hold out any longer. The other maids cleaned up but I was asked to come up to the master suite.

I am comfortable as a closet cross-dressing young man. Suzy is a tall young thing and we figured Suzy’s maid outfit will fit you quite well. I will help you with hair and make-up and get you dressed. I only stroked my girly cock a few more strokes when I erupted all over my belly and hand. I turned to see a really beautiful woman standing at the door. The first man of the night lined his hard cock to my opening. His cock was about seven inches long and his thickness was on the average side. I never knew who he was as my face was buried in the carpet. I looked around and saw the same happening to the other maids. The guy I was sucking sensed this and we came at the same time. Vicky said, “Please sleep with us tonight.” We undressed and went to the shower together.

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Often referred to as flying aircraft carriers, each of the helium-inflated airships carried F9C-2 Curtiss Sparrowhawk biplanes which could be launched and recovered in flight, greatly extending the range over which the Akron and Macon could scout the open ocean for enemy vessels.

Macon (ZRS-5) were designed for long-range scouting in support of fleet operations.

My parents sent me away to an all-male College/Boarding School in the Northeast, USA. It was the same as the maid who let me in at the door. Pre-cum was leaking out and I scooped it off with my tongue.

They suspected I was Bi or Gay and wanted me out of sight and out of their way. I am green eyed, five foot ten, one hundred forty pounds, quite skinny, very feminine looking and not well endowed with only a five inch thin cock but I am told I have a great ass. I must say I looked like a sweet virgin school girl. The corset actually made my chest look like I had small breasts. He stood and removed his pants and underwear and then his shirt. I reached around him and held his buttocks firmly as I pulled him to my eager mouth. Someone pulled my panties down and off exposing my perfect heart shaped ass. One of the guests slid under me in a sixty nine position.

“Deep Rings” Traditional zeppelin design featured a series of main rings built of a single braced girder, which were generally spaced 15 meters apart with unbraced rings in between.

The capacity to embark and deploy fixed-wing aircraft was the essential element of Akron and Macon’s ability to serve as naval scouts.

Aircraft were launched and retrieved by means of a trapeze, and could enter and exit the hangar though a large T-shaped opening at the bottom of the hull.


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