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It generally includes only those players who made more than 100 appearances for the club, put also those who fell just short of 100 and made a notable contribution, members of the club's first ever side or were voted Player of the Year Dates and figures are for the individual's career with Chelsea only.

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Chelsea young dating

Friday, April 22Sharon takes matters into her own hands. Wednesday, April 13Victor and Nikki recall happier times together.

Friday, April 15Billy and Phyllis play a dangerous game.

Warm and expansive where most similar efforts are cool and stripped-back, it finds the duo tackling The Bee Gees, Leonard Cohen, Roy Ayers and Frank Ocean with soulful guile.

Gentlewoman is a rare thing – a covers set that is refreshing and imaginative.

For a list of all Chelsea players with a wikipedia article, see Category: Chelsea F.

: May 9-13, 2016Monday, May 9Devon wants Hilary to come clean.

Ashley sees Max in a new light Cane backs Neil into a corner.

Wednesday, May 11Victor baits Adam to go after Newman Enterprises.

This digital-only live release offers a succinct career resume against a backdrop of screaming fans.

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