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From issues revolving around cross-border tourism and anchor babies, to right of abode and the “Umbrella Movement”, they ultimately discover what it means to be “Chinese” and what the “Chinese dream” means to them.

Presenting the somewhat fictional characters in documentary style, and situating them in real-life not-so-distant-past events, this attempt to blur the lines between reality and fiction brings to question the seemingly bizarre confrontations between Hong Kongers and Mainlanders.

By intentionally presenting both sides of the issues objectively, an understanding can hopefully be reached through an open dialogue that extends beyond the film, with the ultimate aim of celebrating the subcultural diversity of the Chinese diaspora the world over.

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In addition, Slate Takes provided EPK services (behind-the-scenes footage). Schwarz Cast: Zac Dee, Jason Bradley, Masson Ge, Jason Tobin, Oliver Williams, Kirt Kishita Status: Post-production (2012) Synopsis: (From Three cultures clash during a tumultuous journey of friendship, love, and self discovery.


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