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Greco-Roman monogamy may have arisen from the egalitarianism of the democratic and republican political systems of the city-states.

It is one aspect of ancient Roman culture that was embraced by early Christianity, which in turn perpetuated it as an ideal in later Western culture.

Powell Appointed in times of crisis Only held the position for six months Had absolute power 13Romes Social Hierarchy Compare and Contrast these groups Patricians Slaves 14Timeline Time Choose a partner and sequence the information we know so far People of Italy Early Government The Republic 19Timeline Time Choose a partner and sequence the information we know so far The People of Italy The Republic Early Government Changes in Government Roman Army 20The Roman Family(Men) Large Families Larger Army Rewards Bachelors Penalties given 21 Roman Fathers Taught their children (History)Sold children into slavery Extremely strict Wealthy men were educated Abandoned infants 22The Roman Family(Women) Rights Social Roles 23Religion Polytheistic worshipped many gods Vesta Goddess of hearth Prayed to daily Jupiter Ruler of the Universe Venus Mars Goddess of love God of war 24The Expansion of Rome 1st Punic War 2nd Punic War Final Punic War 25(No Transcript) 26After the Punic Wars Lands became provinces headed by Governors In charge of tax collection and defense Did not require people to change their customs Some built roads and set up economies Others accepted bribes 27Timeline Time Choose a partner and sequence the information we know so far Early Government The People of Italy The Republic Roman Army Roman Family Changes in Government Religion Expansion of Rome 28Introduced to the Hellenistic Civilizations (the spread of Greek culture to the non-Greek lands conquered by Alexander the Great)Especially science and medicine Positive Effects Trade and commerce (business) increased Wealth accumulated Paid tributes (forced payment) of grain paid in grain Changes In Rome Small Roman farmers lost their land Drove down prices Farm land bought at extremely low prices by wealthy traders Acquired latifundias (large estates)Negative Effects Slaves had to work the land Mobs formed Violence erupted Poor and landless people move into Rome More farmers had to sell their land 29The Decline of the Republic The poor, landless, and plebeians roamed the streets Senate was full of wealthy men not concerned about the poor Gaius and Tiberius Gracchus (Leaders of the Poor)Poverty Problems Killed by gangs of wealthy nobles 36Ides of March Ides15th day of the months March, May, July, and October on the Roman Calendar March 15th, 44 BCThe day that Julius Caesar was stabbed by Gaius Cassius and Marcus Brutus Civil War to follow 37Show What You Know!

Slaves 10Early Roman Government 11Early Roman Government Plebeians The Popular Assembly Had very little power Approved by Patrician consuls 12Early Roman Government Dictator Mr.

Marriage had mythical precedents, starting with the abduction of the Sabine Women, which may reflect the archaic custom of bride abduction.

Romulus and his band of male immigrants were rejected conubium, the legal right to intermarriage, from the Sabines.

If all other legal conditions were met, a marriage was made.

The lives of elite Roman women were essentially determined by their marriages.

Women who gained power in this way could even then legitimize the power positions of their sons (such as with Livia and Tiberius) as their symbolic status influenced Roman society.

While upper class girls married very young, lower class women – plebeians, freedwomen etc.

We are best informed about families with both wealth and political standing, whose largely inherited money would follow both their sons and their daughters.


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