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Free download Read more With Random Sorter for Excel you can easily shuffle individual cells in rows, columns or in the selected range, or randomly sort entire rows and columns.You can instantly get a random selection of your data by specifying the needed percentage or exact number of entries: e.g.Free download Read more Sum and Count by Color calculates data in your table based on their fill or font color.

consolidating workbooks in excel 2016-16

With Consolidate Worksheets Wizard you can quickly combine multiple workbooks and worksheets into one.

You can a number of options to consolidate your Excel data.

Free download Read more Use Random Generator to fill the Excel range with unique random numbers, integers, real numbers, dates or strings in just one click.

The add-in can also produce random passwords with different character sets, random strings of any length and pattern.

The Advanced Find and Replace add-in for Excel gives you simultaneous search in values, hyperlinks, formulas and comments in all opened or selected worksheets and workbooks .

You will have all search results displayed in a tree view and you'll be able to move between the search results easily, replacing values directly in the found items.Search for duplicates in one table or compare two lists with different number of columns, choose any columns for comparison.Delete duplicate rows from any range, select, color them or add a status column, copy or move them to another location (worksheet or workbook).Use Merge Cells Wizard every time you need to place values from several cells to one cell, or when you need to join several cells and retain their values.Free download Read more If your Excel table has rows of different information referring to the same record, Combine Rows Wizard lets you combine all duplicate rows into one without losing any can pick 10% of rows, or 5 columns, or 3% of cells from the selected range.


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