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This hateful part of her may have emerged before, but you probably will not see it in full, acidic bloom until she feels she has achieved a firm hold on your conscience and compassion -- but when that part makes its first appearance, rage is how it breaks into your life. For over twenty years, he has been an expert on the psychological impact of violence, dealing with exploitive-type men or women and managing the dangers of high-stress careers and occupations.What gives this rage its characteristically borderline flavor is that it is very difficult for someone witnessing it to know what triggered it in reality. He has frequently appeared on television and radio on 20/20 and PBS.Her erotic intensity will be there in a cunning way tailored so you will not readily perceive it.

Dating borderline woman

A master at strengthening her control through empathy, she is brilliant at eliciting sympathy and identifying those most likely to provide it-like the steady-tempered and tenderhearted. She is depressed or anxious, detached and indifferent or vulnerable and hypersensitive.

She can swing from elated agitation to mournful gloom at the blink of an eye.

Every effort to understand or help this type of woman is an excruciatingly pointless exercise in emotional rescue.

It is like you are a Coast Guard cutter and she is a drowning woman-- but she drowns in a peculiar way.

Her interest becomes your exclusive interest in her.

This is when you start to notice “" emotionally whenever your attention focuses upon her feelings and issues. Peculiar pains of all sorts come and go like invisible, malignant companions.

And if she has imbedded her guilt-hooks deep enough into your conscientious nature, you will stay around and continue tracking this volcanic earthquake, caught in the illusion that you can discover how to stop Vesuvius before she blows again.

But, in reality, staying around this cauldron of emotional unpredictability is pointless.

But that is its primary identifying clue: the actual rage-trigger is difficult for you to see. Whether it is the tone of your voice, how you think, how you feel, dress, move or breathe - or "Rage reactions are also unpredictable and unexpected. As part of opening relations with the Soviet Union in 1989, he participated in mutual training programs at Moscow University.

But in the Borderline's mind it always seems to be very clear.

Watching the erratic changes in her moods is like tracking the needle on a Richter-scale chart at the site of an active volcano, and you never know which flick of the needle will predict the big explosion.

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