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We called it the day they admitted giving each other blowjobs on the set of this film.

Is Lana Del Rey ready to play a few video games with James Franco?

Clode uploaded screen shots of their Instagram and i Phone exchanges and before being deleted, they quickly went viral. So now, it's double embarrassing," he told the "Live! "I promise I won't reveal our text messages," Ripa joked to the apologetic star.

Franco first addressed the situation on Twitter Wednesday mocking that he hit on a teen.

This ultimately prompted several opportunistic photographers to snap pics of the lass while she was hanging out in Italy with music director Francesco Carrozzini.

Of course, the internet wouldn’t be the internet if it wasn’t choking on a number of different Lana Del Rey-oriented rumors at once.I was a little confused and mixed-up when it came to dating."Meanwhile, when it comes to romance and dating nowadays, the star notes that social media can sometimes make it a bit challenging."You get to know someone much quicker," he says."The downside is when people aren't tech savvy and don't express themselves well through digital media."So, has Franco himself ever sent, say, a text message to a woman, only to regret it later? "I have to remind myself not to text when I'm angry.Interact with plenty of people before finally settling for the one that catches your eye and attention.After some group fun, you can even enter into a private one on one chat with as many people you want to.Since celebrities rarely do anything these days without sharing it with their legion of fans, the singer posed for a few photographs with James.


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