Dating tips for long term relationships

I was the first woman he’s introduced to his family, and the first to really have a real relationship with.

After time he began to work more, we fought daily and he wouldn’t really want to make time for me, he’d always tell me “you’re not happy unless your spending money!

We talked a bit we’ve both had recent tragedies and it seems he has a lot going on too but suggested maybe our daughter’s could hang out.

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Anyway he randomly stopped texting me in the middle of sexting not quite two weeks ago and I have not been able to elicit any response from him since, granted I have not been trying to message him everyday, in fact I haven’t even tried the last four days.

Anyway I just found it very odd and abrupt especially since he was the one to initiate the conversation almost two weeks ago by saying he missed me.

Okay, so I’ve been dating this guy for almost two years now.

At first it was nice, we went on dates, ge was just so warm and down to earth.

He’s also recently stopped drinking heavily following the tragedy he experienced (whereas I’m still having half a bottle of wine every night).

I can do casual but it’s difficult when the person seems the sort that in other circumstances you’d like to have a relationship with. A guy from my last school texted me on Facebook about a year after I had left that school.

I’m just very disoriented by this whole thing and any insight would be totally appreciated. Should I make a couple more efforts, if so what should I say/do?

I mean I really liked this individual, and the way he just stopped messaging me is very confusing and a little disconcerting.

I made a check-list for one guy and he scored 2: – he is friendly in general – he ignores you, disrespects you etc.

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