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I had been told prior to arriving that Nanpiao's fleet of four BJ class locomotives had been reduced to two with the elimination of the passenger trains and a couple of new second hand DF5 arrivals.DF5 1156 was seen in one of the workshops undergoing a major rebuild.In the main yard area was DF5 1055 and recently refurbished BJ 3197.

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Dating vietnam 2016

Although assigned a seat, my space had already been taken by a group of policeman who told me to sit anywhere I liked.

I sat on the right hand side of the train, but didn't locate the tracks leading to the old Jinzhou 701 works, so unsure if the track leading here has been lifted or I just missed it.

I went straight for the Jinjiang Inn across the road which I had pre-booked in the hopes of getting an early check in.

This wasn't successful as they would not accept check-ins until 830am at a minimum.

I alighted the train in the town centre at Hunjiang, hoping to get the mine railway passenger trains there.

But there were none, with most of the workers alighting on to waiting busses instead.

I set up my equipment prior to arriving at Zaojiatun as I heard the bells at the level crossing, but after 5 minutes they turned off again.

This repeated a few times before I gave up guessing that they were being activated by a locomotive shunting in the yard.

She was then reversed onto a short maintenance train and shut down for the rest of the day.

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