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Kaya ayun, from Chiangmai to QC with love ang peg at voila! Unless nakakasakit na ito sa kanya, at saka ka mag-intervention.Pero until then, hayaan mo silang matuto ng kailangan nilang matutunan, at hayaan na lang natin silang maramdaman ang nais nilang maramdaman. Kaya nananatili sa aking reminder iyan, anuman ang naganap sa taong ito.

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Sono certo che questo frutto è molto conosciuto nei paesi di origine, pubblico queste foto principalmente per i popoli europei, ponendo una domanda: quanti di voi conoscono il nome e le proprietà salutari ?

Naturopata nota su crema da notte al"PROTEGGIAMO LA NOSTRA PELLE!

I'd actually like to go back to the "I don't do girlfriends" Shane shiz I had before.

Chris Rea - Sail Away Sail away from 2000 album "King Of The Beach" A sequel of sorts to his earlier On the Beach, King of the Beach continues the laid-back mood of the earlier album but is a more mature and unified work.

Speaking of being, I was being my fabulous self again this latter half of the month.

Kebs na, kahit tinawag pala nila ang name ko to recognize us jurors pala, sabi ng nanay ko kasi napanood niya sa TV ang awards night.

Just thought of stopping by here and doing some sort of yearly summary like what I've always done before in this space, and in my offline journals as well. Besides, sometimes there are times when you just have to stop, park your thoughts for a while, stop typing, stop snapping pictures, just breathe and let the bad vibes out as you let the good atmosphere in. I realized that when I was in Bangkok earlier this month. Cinema is my first love, after all, a love affair I've been having ever since I could remember -- a love affair that will only stop when I stop breathing.

There was one point where I was so excited by everything, by coming back there, by revisiting the familiar, that I wanted to snap and snap away, record each and every moment for freeze frame documentation forever. Boy Girl Bakla Tomboy: Mula kalye hanggang pelikula, may pride ka pa ba?

You just need to put the link to your video in the upper text field(example:


  1. I assume all the taboos on the bich nice boys cam2cam.

  2. Environ 5000 connectés se donnent rendez-vous sur ce site de tchatroulette spécialisé dans les rencontres entre hommes ou entre femmes, l'assurance de toujours avoir quelqu'un avec qui s'amuser ou parler.

  3. Among his bizarre set of mansion rules, Madison writes, were that the girlfriends change into identical flannel pajamas before the bedtime routine.5.

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