Django syncdb not updating database

Conclusion: Both frameworks appear to provide a robust and complete ORM model. @carlivar: Yes, the names can be overiden, but you lose much Rails magic in that - which pretty much defeats the point of using it.

The Rails naming “magic” is really quite funky so I'll give an example here.

Let's say you create a model “line_item” with the command .

I've done everything (but the right thing) to try to get the admin interface to pick up the new char Field that I've added to the class, but it's just not reflecting it. Thanks Rob --~--~---------~--~----~------------~-------~--~----~ You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "Django users" group.

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So I am trying to amend my python path in the file

The line below is what I have, and the error still persists. /webapps/django_app/projectx/projectx/ directory one level up (if there is nothing else in the first projectx directory) then it might just work, otherwise you will need to update your project's Python Path to explicitly point to the location of those modules. Thanks, I have amended the project's location as you have suggested, but the error still occurred.

The Rails migration tool is a powerful approach supporting agile development, and in my opinion, it's an significant deficit in Django.

I also really like how Rails has integrated the notions of development, testing, and production databases into its configuration. The Rails implementation is more mature and more supportive of the whole development process.

Rails supports model inheritance through a fairly simple mechanism of a single table with a collection of all columns from all child classes.

This can lead to wide tables with many empty fields.

Migrate keeps track of the current migration level, processing only new scripts since the last time it was run. Next, you define the model class for each data table, containing the business logic associated with that data (ie. The model also defines any relations with other tables (such as one-to-many relationships).


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