Does robin roberts dating anyone

So when Robin posted a thank you on her public Facebook page, she listed her partner Amber and officially came out as a woman in a same-sex relationship.

What’s so refreshing about is not only Amber’s presence in the story, but how she doesn’t have to be explained.

One of the most apparent things in the memoir is how important family is to Robin, especially her late mother.“I wrote a letter to my mother at the end of the book and she is so much throughout the book, it’s almost like she’s the alpha and the omega,” Robin said.

We all have something to help us get through our challenges in life.”Those challenges can only be faced down through the kind of grace under pressure exemplified by Robin Roberts.

I have arrived for our interview with an album packed full of images from the remarkable life of the 54-year-old coanchor of ABC's Good Morning America, and, to my amazement, from the moment Roberts sees the first photo, her tears flow freely.

A gifted student, she was also a standout player on the women's basketball team at Southeastern Louisiana University.

She graduated with a degree in communications — and was inducted into the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame in 2012.

fans have seen Robin’s triumphant return twice now, as she had a bone marrow transplant from her sister, Sally-Ann, that gave her a brand new life.

(Robin now considers herself two years old, counting her transplant day as her rebirth.) And with that rebirth has also come an even more special insight into the woman that is Robin Roberts.

It was powerful to watch Robin and Ellen talk openly on about having known one another’s families for years, and how Robin’s mother was so upset over the way Ellen was treated when she came out more than a decade ago.

There is nothing more heartwarming and stirring than watching them have a real conversation about their relationships with their female partners, and how they are such successful women who are deserving of the kind of love they want.

And I thought to be authentic and to give the voice–and it was funny how Amber and I had differing opinions on certain things. They have a core group of friends that includes Robin’s co-anchors at , and Robin writes happily of attending Sam Champion‘s wedding to his partner last year.


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