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From there choose the option [By URL]• After clicking [By URL] the bookmark database will be opened.• Now, you will get the list of your all bookmarks, if you want to select all of them then, select all with the help of Ctrl A and press the delete key.• Click OK on the confirmation box • Finally Exit all open windows.

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In Lotus Notes a user can face two types of errors: • Configuration errors• View errors In this article my main focus is on the Lotus Notes View errors.

View error occurs if there is some issue with the Desktop6.ndk, or

Such as Notes doesn’t start properly, hangs on, crashes, or runs slow, performs poorly and users read mail still showing as unread.

In such situation, a corrupted cache can cause the error message “an unexpected network error has occurred” But it is not always mandatory that an error message will be prompted to the user, user continues to face the issues without getting any error message.

For proper functioning, configuration files are available in Notes.

Any type of corruption to these configuration files lead to various kind of errors.In such case you will require some Lotus Notes file recovery method in order to repair the corrupt files or some other way to resolve the issues generated due to file corruption.There are various configuration files used in Lots Notes • ID File• Names.nsf• Desktop8.ndk• Cache.ndk• Headline.nsf• To know more visit my previous article: “what is bookmark file in Lotus Notes” .Now we have got a brief introduction about the three configuration files.Now we can move ahead to discuss the errors associated with the above three configuration files: Errors due to corruption in file: If the file is corrupt or poorly configured then, the user have to face several problems while accessing the database or starting the Notes client.Note: While following the above steps, it is common to face the error “object variable not set”. You don’t need to delete all Bookmarks if the corruption is related to only one database the, it’s better to delete the corresponding bookmarks only, no need to delete all.

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