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To date, there has been no published literature on automatic visceral calculation software that calculates the entire visceral fat volume, which would be indispensable for processing a massive amount of CT volume data sets.

Although some software for measuring the 3D fat volume from thick-slice 3D MR data has been developed [10, 11], MRI data is not accumulated over a wide abdominal range in medical institutions because MRI scanning with a wide abdominal range is not common.

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The purpose of this study is to develop automatic calculation software to calculate the entire visceral fat volume from CT volume data and to evaluate its feasibility.

We used 24 sets of whole-body CT volume data with anthropometric measurement data.

The true visceral fat volume was measured from the true visceral fat region.

Software to automatically calculate the true visceral fat volume was developed using region segmentation based on morphological analysis with CT value thresholding.

Using the accumulated CT volume data, it is possible to calculate a patient’s visceral fat volume by manual segmentation of the visceral fat region in every slice of the CT volume data.

However, since this manual calculation of the visceral fat volume is extremely time-consuming, it has not been used in previous large-scale studies.

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Since they used a manual interactive method to segment the images, the whole visceral fat volume was estimated from only five images.

An automatic method with a larger number of thin images would be necessary to calculate the volumes more accurately.

However, the accuracy of these substitute indices is not yet well described in the medical literature. evaluated the three indices (WC, BMI, and percentage of body fat estimated by DXA method) with fasting serum insulin levels along with metabolic syndrome components [6].


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