Gentile girl dating jewish boy

I would suggest that it may be widely used, but it's still an offensive word.

And I’m pretty sure we will all get where we want to be, with a wonderful person.

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To explain this, George says that she has "shiksappeal" and explains that Jewish men like women who "don't remind them of their mothers".

In an episode of the "The Nanny", describes Maggie, the eldest girl in her care, as a "shiksa goddess" to a Jewish boy she wants Maggie to date.

How could I be part of The Family if he didn’t really care about being Jewish or not? Well, at least I found another reason to add to the long list of why I like Jewish people so much.

I must say, even though a lot of these stories ended in agonizing heartbreak (no not really), I have enjoyed every experience I had so far and the people I’ve met along the way. Being the romantic naive fool I am, I’m sure that every experience made me grow and made me wiser about what I want, and how far I would go for someone who really deserves it.

"It has been observed by both comedians and more serious thinkers that such shiksas are often fetishized by Jewish men", should I conjure up the term 'weaselwords'?

And why get into a discussion of 'jews as a race' right here? Oyd11 , 27 August 2006 (UTC) If the word is derived from "sheketz", then it can be another word for "weasel".

In a later episode, when Fran tries to fake a heart attack, Maggie explains that "Jewish guilt" doesn't work on shiksas.


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