How to give intimidating looks

Sunday 22-May-16 I recently had a conversation about intimidation with a person who was concerned that they were scaring others, even when they tried not to do so.Here are some of the thoughts that came out of that very interesting conversation.

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How to give intimidating looks

i dont like to fight or scream so i do the look just to end the fighting When I'm happy & im attending a function or party with my girlfriend and we go off & talk with other people.

I will check up on her from time to time you know fill her glass, a little kiss here a little smile there a little pat on her backside secretly of course.

I am a Scorpio, I have the look of death when I am angry as well, and it also takes a lot for me to be intimidated.

Sometimes I wonder what is going on in his head when he looks at me like that! So if anybody can relate or if your a Virgo man could you please share me some details on your temper, and what those stares are all about? The gaze probably just reflects the intensity of his feelings. Not sure what to make of it but I guess try to engage it in a way that will help him come to terms with what he's feeling.

Some males scream & shout to make them look powerfull,we virgos use the stare technique for the same result. My temper is bad but i have a long fuse and the stare is just the beginning.

I am a virgo man and my girlfriend of almost 7 years is a scorpio. It would help of you look back at him with a pleasant expression to break that uncomfortable stare. Yes I'm head over heels for my virgo and he completely is the best guy ever!On another note when he stares at me like that i get chills so I always stare back with a smile or a wink lol but when he's pissed i turn my head n hope that he not still looking makes me soo uneasy i know how you feel!For me, Sept 21 Virgo, a stare and a smile typically come with some kind of game for me to apply various strategies to. You've somehow given me the indication that you're able to play my games.A way to monitor this is to watch how other people react around you. The victims and witnesses are often intimidated in court, and sometimes the lawyer does not have the time or is disinterested.We allow others to think there in full control but don't pass that line.


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