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Would i be wrong in turning down a chance to meet based on the fact that the other person did not posses the required attributes?

Since attraction to a person plays a large part in wanting to date a person, I just want to be honest about the type of person I want to be with.

Also the design of BBA is more cosy and friendly, more personal, its like seeing an old friend.

And as far as i am concerned with all the crap and weird/hard porn/stuff out there (that really does not interest me at all,) BBA is a site for guys that simply love the female form, and one that portrays all the girls assets wonderfully ...

Personally I don't see the big deal; although I know some women might feel differently.

So no, I don't think it would be overly rude, but watch it, it's not something you should put in a profile IMHO, better save it for a more personal context where it can at least be approached with some humor and some semblance of good timing. That person wasted both your time by not being upfront about what she wanted in the first place.

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I have always been attracted to women with large breasts (40D and bigger).

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As far as i'm concerned and i'm sure countless others, a visit to BBA always makes a bad day a little better!

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