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For instance, if they are screaming at the top of your lungs outside of your office, you may want to ask them to quiet down because you are trying to concentrate.

If they don't (which will likely be the case) then feel no shame in getting up and closing your door.

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For instance, an inconsiderate jerk is not likely someone who is spreading a lot of happiness to other people.

It has to be very lonely with such a narrow view of the world as they go along in their bubble of self interest, and even if it's not - then he or she is missing out on the gift of being aware of other people around them. It can't be to work because she never does that..yeah, it's to find out about and spread the latest gossip!

Therefore, even though you can complain to the boss (or the boss’s boss) not much seems to happen with their attitudes or job.

However, an inconsiderate person will likely interfere with your work, so you should say something.

Trust me, it is a gift to be considerate and be aware of other people's needs..makes your life richer. Do you hate it when the office gossip is coming towards you? If they gossip about others, then you know that they gossip about you. Unfortunately, many people like to engage in gossip, and this is why someone who gossips can always find someone else to talk to at work.

They can only be happy when they are spreading the latest news.

This is the man or woman who purposely tries to make you feel small, stupid, or humiliated.

(They are also called a bully.) You always leave their presence feeling worse than when you first saw them.

Do you love your job but can't stand your co-workers?

Do you dread seeing Fred because you know he is going to talk your ear off about his personal problems when you just want to work?

They can't just sit and stare at the wall, because that would be boring.

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