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Perhaps you were able to solve a problem at work, or a challenging multi-tasking situation.

Here the employer is looking to see how well you address and confront stress Make sure that your attitude is positive.

After you have gone on one or two interview, you can become a pro at answering questions.

Make sure the resume you have with you matches the one that you sent the interviewer.

This will help refresh your memory when reviewing your job history.

Find a way to turn all your weaknesses into a strength, as something that you turned around to your benefit. Tell me about a situation where you dealt with conflict, and how you resolved it?

Talk about a specific instance where you overcame an obstacle or confrontation.

Some will ask if you have documented weaknesses on performance reviews to jog your memory. When you talk about your weaknesses, find areas that you can improve on, that may not be directly linked to the job that you are applying for.

For example, you are applying for a job as a hospitality agent, then find a weakness related to accounting, as that may be a skill that you will not use in your current job.

Use an achievement that is tied to the job you plan to work in.

Tell the employer something that may benefit them in the job you want to work in.

Most people find attending a job interview challenging and stressful.

Even the most seasoned job professionals, those that have attended a number of interviews, can find the job Q&A process intimidating.

A good work environment is one where you can make good connections with employees and managers. Here the employer may be looking for someone that is a team player.


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