Is donghae and eunhyuk dating who is raphael saadiq dating

Well, there are some trivial evidences that IU and Eunhyuk are pretty close (not as just friends), such as couple items. anyway those things are just too trivial and not enough to be eviences of their scandal... Right after the photo was uploaded, it was spreaded through so many people in the internet although it was deleted one hour later.

The article about their scandal was inevitable, of course.

In replies, LOEN Ent., which IU is in, announced that "IU uploaded a photo by accident.

She is known as "national sister" which means that all people love her like their sister.

However because of 'rumor', not as a truth, IU is getting tough time.

Their descriptions on ideal type were very very detailed and Donghae would recognize her on pics based only on her legs lmao Yoona said she liked guys that pat her head which is what Donghae always used to do to her only.

Then suddenly in 2011 Donghae wrote Y, he was depressed for some time (I remember some ELF ranting about how he was not his usual childish cute self) and they stopped interacting at concerts.. There's a youtube account with 12345 videos of them lol and a forum and blog with more details. I know I sound so delulu lol But I think, whether they were a couple or not (evethough I do believe they were), they are on good terms now and show some short of interaction from time to time, it doesn't happen as much as it used to, but yeah..

Looks like it's gonna be a daily picture story as Donghae has updated his Twitter again with a picture of him and fellow Super Junior member, Eunhyuk or otherwise known to fans as the Eun Hae couple.

On May 18th, Donghae uploaded a picture of him and Eunhyuk standing side-by-side together and although it's nothing as "scandalous" as their previous photo, you can maybe visualize that they are holding hands since they are not showing the full picture?There is even a community for requiring a truth toward IU...well, usually that kinds of communities created by fans - which means that IU already lost some fans... And even though the rumor is revealed as not true, it would be hard to get as much fame as before. Also, he was very shy about sharing which SNSD member he would like to receive a confession from in 100% Entertainment (just a few weeks ago).Then Eunhyuk took over and said Donghae and Seohyun would be a good fit for each other.Second of all, when you meet someone you have that connection with, all those criteria fly out the window.

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