Kate and charlie dating uspo closing consolidating locations

Kate was also close friends with Lauren during their childhood, and the two of them would always play on the swing set outside her house.

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CR tried to get her attention, but failed to do so, and went home.

From Kate's perspective, she was chased around the forest by Slender Man as she found notes on various landmarks. Between The Eight Pages and The Arrival, she appears to be in her late teens to early 20's.

In Chapter 5: The Arrival, after Lauren gets knocked out by a proxified Charlie, Lauren wakes up in a room with him.

After collecting a book, Charlie disappears, and the crying of Kate is heard.

It appears that her eyes are very sensitive to light.

She gets dazed when Lauren concentrates her flashlight's beam towards her face. She keeps chasing Lauren until Lauren finally gets on the elevator and escapes.

According to Slender: The Arrival Kate and her friend CR had a habit of going into the forest frequently as children, flashlight in hand (thus why the player starts with the flashlight in the beginning of the game). According to one of the notes, at some point he got lost in the dark, hearing Kate screaming.

He eventually got lost and wound up at Kate's house, where she was sitting in the living room.

A video in Chapter 4: Flashback, shows Kate drawing Slender Man, and muttering that "He's here!

" She tried her best to barricade the doors, but she soon found Slender Man already inside the house, and desperately tried to escape to her room.

Kate is soon found in the Kullman mining shafts chasing Lauren.

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