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Welcome to Khayelitsha Travel, your one stop shop for all your travel needs here in Cape Town.

We offer a variety of travel services for both international tourists visiting Cape Town as well as native South Africans looking to get out of their neighborhood and explore more of their beautiful country.

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Several township bed & breakfasts started to pop up in Khayelitsha to offer tourists the chance to experience this side of South Africa.

They mostly are redecorated shacks to fit the basic norms of tourists.

Come take a walking tour with our registered and knowledgeable guide Loyiso here in Khayelitsha, South Africa’s largest township!

On this tour you will not only enjoy breathtaking views of the Western Cape from Look Out Hill, but also learn more about the history of South Africa and life in a township.

A fitting location between the ever-increasing sprawl by shacks on the one side and low cost houses of our impoverished community.

The initiative was inspired by the militant role the people of Khayelitsha have played in shaping the history of the city and our current post-apartheid realities. Even though historic background and media accounts of the events that led to Khayelitsha’s establishment are available most of this knowledge is not known by the community residents and is not part of official curriculum of South African history, there is very little testimonies and oral histories from residents of our community telling the horrors of eviction and resistance during Apartheid and the precariousness of post-Apartheid experiences of everyday life. The effort is a contribution to current dialogue across South Africa about the place for public memory as an active process and the need to create public spaces that caters for active participation of community members in shaping a shared identity and re- membering a living heritage. I thank all the people that introduced me e Glory House my life is not the same anymore.I don't know where would I be if ndandingaza e Glory House.How do we start re-imagining new aesthetics for our community? How do we re-appropriate the meaning imposed by Apartheid cynicism to reveal us and those who touch our lives- as humans- abantu, full of love, anxiety, joy, contradiction and laughter in the face of misery? Is Kasi ingati ukwenye I planet ikwenza uzive don't know.....


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