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"It would have been a relaxing area where you would have been served water and fruits," explains Komaroff."In the cornices, you see designs for fruits and sweets and bowls and of baklava. These girls are simply girls—but much more besides.

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That room is now part of the permanent collection at the L. It was acquired in 2014.------------Conservators are removing grime and stabilizing pieces — which, quite miraculously, were never altered after being fabricated some time in the 1760s."We're still removing surface dirt from the wood to reveal a dusty rose paint," says Linda Komaroff, who heads up the Art of the Middle East Department at LACMA.

"The flowers underneath would have been quite bright. But they didn't have artificial light, so this all would have been illuminated with natural light."Komaroff was instrumental in getting the museum to acquire this period room after she saw pictures of it in 2011.

LACMA does not have any space in its permanent collection galleries for a room of this size and scale.

(It is 15 feet by 20 feet and requires 20 foot ceilings to display.) So, until the museum has a new building, this incredible piece of interior design will not be put on permanent display.

The Lebanese photographer has proven herself to be a keen observer of daily life and private realms. In some cases, there were clear divisions between girls from the East and girls from the West.

For her 2012 series, Matar photographed her female subjects in their bedrooms, be they in the U. A few of the Lebanese girls wore hijabs, covering themselves in the privacy of their relatively austere bedrooms.

(Museum Associates / LACMA) In the late 1970s, the Syrian capital of Damascus was experiencing a building boom.

In the al-Bahsa quarter, for instance, a clutch of old houses were demolished to make way for a new roadway.

(Museum Associates / LACMA)The room, she says, was likely one of several reception chambers typical of well-to-do homes of the era (one that likely belonged to a successful merchant).

And it would have served as a place of hospitality, where guests would have been greeted with food and refreshments.

It contains painted wood walls, inlaid stone floors, and an intricate stone fountain -- objects now receiving conservation treatment. It contains painted wood walls, inlaid stone floors, and an intricate stone fountain -- objects now receiving conservation treatment.


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