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Turbine points have also been seamlessly integrated into the Deeds system, which offers a series of extra tasks in each area that run parallel to the game's normal quests.Completing Deeds earns Traits that buff your stats, titles that can be attached to your name, and precious Turbine points as well.The rest had to be unlocked by buying a quest pack.

Elves ride giant goats through the cobbled streets.

A hobbit stands on a wall, playing the Legend of Zelda theme on a lute.

To the east, the killing fields are full of adventurers blasting bats and boars back to the Second Age. Free-to-play games are never completely free, but in Lot RO there's a huge amount of content to enjoy before you're forced to lay down any cash. Fetch quests and monster-slaying tasks are interspersed with choreographed story missions.

The focus is on capturing the essence and scale of the Lord of the Rings universe, but keeping you trotting between locations from the films.

I kill 25 wolves in one area and scoop five Turbine points.

I discover a series of hidden relics in another area for ten Turbine points.

These gifts, along with Deeds, and the hundreds of quests already in the game, all feed into the sense of constant incremental success that papers over Lord of the Rings Online's lack of innovation.

It may be formulaic, but it's one hell of an addictive formula.

Oh look, a whistle that gives me a free mount for a day, and an experience scroll, And what's this?

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