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This alone makes Winnipeg a special place to meet someone truly right for you – there are a million things to do and see in Winnipeg and it’s no surprise why the city is considered the perfect place to meet people for great friendships and lasting relationships.Discover an urban oasis in the heart of Winnipeg at the Forks National Historic Site or check out Canada’s oldest public gallery at the Winnipeg Art Gallery. Take your date through the Exchange District, one of North America’s most colorful and cosmopolitan neighborhoods showcasing one-of-a-kind items by local artists and designers.

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CBC News found others who were surprised to learn their profiles were on several of the company’s dating sites.

Karen (not her real name) signed up for a seniors' dating site this past summer.

The recent widow decided within days that internet dating was not for her.

She thought she unsubscribed, but now she isn't so sure.

Its website boasts more than 13,000 internet dating sites around the globe and at least 30 million customers.

Dumas is not the only Global Personals customer who got more exposure than they bargained for."I hope she's got a good sense of humour because otherwise I could see how she might be quite angry," he said. If they paid whatever money they paid for the one site, that should be where they should be," he said.Ray Antymis said he's been approached to give up a list of clients and he's refused. He learned this after a CBC News investigation revealed his profile and picture were posted on at least four other sites without his knowledge.All of the sites belong to Global Personals, a company based in England.Another investigation found a dating site failed to fully delete a woman's account after she asked to be removed from the site.

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