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My daughter sensed the change immediately – and started asking questions. I didn’t have great answers for her, and honestly, in an effort to minimize your negative impact and what was otherwise a really fun day, I redirected her attention to the cheerleaders and mascot.I could tell she was still thinking about it as we boarded a shuttle back to our car.

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NGO: Katmai National Park and Preserve grant: $150,000 location: Brooks Camp - Falls mission: To provide salary support and equipment for a seasonal media ranger position, to support educational programming and the brown bear webcams, and for ongoing interpretive activities Brown Bear Camera Brown bears are one of the eight species of bears in the world.

Panthers quarterback Cam Newton responded to criticism by a Tennessee mom who attended Sunday’s game against the Titans with her fourth-grade daughter.

Some of the Panthers fans in our section began taunting the hometown fans.

Many Titans fans booed you, a few offering instructive, but not necessarily family friendly, suggestions as to how you might change your behavior. Do you think he knows he looks like a spoiled brat?

Although brown bears do hunt and eat meat, they can acquire most of their daily sustenance through fruits and berries that they find within the forest.

But as they get closer to the winter hibernation brown bears will begin to consume a high-fat diet.

Brown Bear Camera Brown bears are one of the eight species of bears in the world.

Brown bears typically reside in the mountain and forest regions of North America, Europe, and Asia.

During this time, brown bears can eat up to 90 pounds in one day.

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