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I have spent enough time on dating and have met men from all backgrounds. I have many single deaf friends who would love to find someone special but some of them have been overlooked because they are deaf.

Some of my dates have gone into the abyss of my memories, some were horrifying!

All you need is a little explanation and along with myth busting on your part. Your family and friends may take a leaf from your book.

It could have been worse if I took a cult worshipper, tattooed laden and beefed up in loin cloth boyfriend to my mother….

All of us do extraordinary or mundane things, deaf or hearing.

I’ve done lots of things as I mentioned earlier in Myth 2.

Some of us rely on lipreading, use speech or rely on British Sign Language (BSL).

Our disability is an invisible disability until our issues becomes visible during communication (not always the case for everyone).

MYTH 4 Well, well, we need to have that “TALK” This is the most common myth, and I can assure you we do fornicate like you do!

We have our own brains and bodies but the only thing that doesn’t work is our ears.

If we exclude a certain group from our dating pool, we are limiting ourselves and reducing our chances of finding our “soulmate” or “special half”.

Once you’ve understood fully the 5 myths, I can guarantee that your mind will be broadened to new types of dating experiences.

Being deaf is like dealing with a curve ball that life throws our way. Bear the facts in mind, you will realise how “normal” we are living with deafness and your dates are just like the others.


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