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As the relationship develops, your exchanges become more intimate.The person you have fallen for will probably send you their photograph and give you a pet name.

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Dating or romance fraud is when you think you’ve met your perfect partner online, but they aren’t who they say they are.

Once they’ve gained your trust, they ask for money for a variety of emotive reasons.

Have you taken note of the CO-INCIDENCE OF LIFE: 1.

Our God is too big to send threats to make people obey Him. We need messages that will transform souls and not messages that will threaten people to create unnecessary Fear and Panic... Before you marry a lady, there are many things you need to consider. You should be more concerned about those things that will make you enjoy your marriage.

You relay a message to 20 people on social media and believe in your heart that you will wake up tomorrow a billionaire... Stop spreading your fears on social media because we are not that gullible... # chain messages display desperation from the sender. Some guys are still naive and ignorant of what marriage really entails. Her beautiful shape, pretty face and sexy b***s will not give you a happy married life. The reason is that they married their wife because she is sexy, she is beautiful, she is good in bed and she has sexy shape.

We claim to be Children of God but we are scared of the future, scared of little things... Without Prayers, Hard work, Abiding in the word of God in our everyday life, Determination and Purpose, ''miracle messages'' on social media are not invisible hands that can instantly make us rich...

For example: Once you send them money, the fraudsters will keep coming back with more reasons to send them money.

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