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Facebook has already demonstrated this capability on a mass consumer basis, and it would only be a small step to put a name with any face in a photo that’s been leaked.

So what can you do if you find yourself in a Weiner-like position?

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You can message Stumblers with X ratings but you cannot follow them, view their Profile or share with them and they cannot message you.

You can follow, message, and share with R rated Stumblers and they can follow, message and share with you.

Weiner’s celebrity as a congressman leant a virality to his sexts because his high profile made him easy to recognize. A jealous ex-boyfriend could post pictures of you out of revenge, or someone working in your home or on your computer could find that video you made with your spouse that was supposed to remain private, and next thing you know, you’re the new Internet star.

What makes these scenarios scarier are the advances being made in face recognition technology.

Michael Fertik, Founder of, is in the business of helping people clean up Weiner-like messes.

Once a photo is released, he says, it’s rare for photos to pop up on more than two or three sites.And usually that’s because someone with malicious intent is actively spreading the photo.If your photo has reached these whack-a-mole proportions, with it popping up everywhere, a service like My Reputation (9 per year) can help eradicate them.Fertik also points out that the most likely scenarios are people inadvertently sharing photo themselves, a friend sharing a photo or someone being in an image just because they happen to be on the scene.Of course the last doesn’t apply to naughty photos, but could for other compromising situations.On this scale, you can always request that a photo be taken down from a site.


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