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My sorrowfully ineffective method has been to start with a humorous reference to their profile, to show I was actually paying attention.” That’s what we want, right, ladies? Or maybe it’s that all of his essays seem to be in the approval queue at Customer Care… Ladies, if you’ve gotten an email from this man, do us all a favor and respond. Recently, I had more than one conversation about “types,” as in “s/he’s not my type.” In this context, it’s not about “I only like hedge fund managers” (although sometimes it is). “I like blond guys,” or “I like thin girls,” or “I’m not attracted to Sephardi men,” or “I’m into petite women.” Thinking about my past relationships, I am unable extrapolate a single type.A guy who’s read our profile and is smart/witty enough to craft an intelligent/humorous response? I’m sure that my single sisters do have “types” of guys they’d prefer to date, like an Amazon wishlist of items they’ve ranked in order of which they’d like to receive first.

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But it’s only men who I’ve heard say, “well, she’s not really my type, so I don’t think I’ll call/write/email/contact/go out with her.” Before you men get your Brokeback Mountain Underoos in a bunch, let me say that there were one or two JDate profiles/blog entries by men that inspired this post, and I acknowledge (as I did above, hello…) that women do it too.

But I began wondering if maybe men (and ok, women too) need to be a little more flexible about physical type.

[…] this month, Frumster announced a milestone: In four years, 500 members had met and married; by the Dec. But seriously…since when have I ever denied a fellow Jew a platform?

15 gala event celebrating the 250 couples, the number of matched members had grown to 520. Submit your post for review and if it’s entirely inappropriate, you’ll hear from me. Now go back to your own blog, select a post and submit it to me via email at esther.kustanowitz at gmail or via the handy dandy submission form at the Blog Carnival site…deadline is December 30, so we can ring in the new year with a brand new Carnival…

If your pictures are blurry, old, or solely consist of snaps of your dog, a guy might hesitate to message you simply because he doesn’t know what you look like, and worse, he’s afraid that you’re hiding something.

The most attractive quality you can have online (or off! Upload photos that show you in your best light, smiling, having fun, living life and enjoying your hobbies. ’ Online dating sites have thousands upon thousands of members, so you’ve got to make sure your profile stands out.In any case, here’s to another year of community support for all singles everywhere, and the married friends who love them…Best Post That Didn’t Garner a Single Comment You Say Neato, Check Your Libido (January) Best Post Advocating Alcohol as Social Lubricant Why Don’t We Get Drunk and…Is taking a leap of faith–or taking a chance on love, no matter where it takes you–a journey that everyone can and should take?Ben Baruch, the creator of the Sha Bot Sha Blog (as well as of the robot-based comic strip Sha Bot 6000) recently found himself rejoining JDate after a long absence.Do people (and let’s make it gender neutral here, at least in the question) limit themselves by not extending their search for a mate beyond their immediate vicinity?

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