Google sex chat - Polycom phone updating initial configuration

Current logging level 4 000005.984|ethf |*|03|Initial log entry.

Current logging level 4 000005.986|hw |*|03|Initial log entry.

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Current logging level 4 000029.404|wmgr |*|03|Initial log entry.

Current logging level 4 000029.406|so |*|03|Network initialized. 000029.408|log |*|03|Install file upload callback for 'so' 000029.420|slog |*|03|Initial log entry.

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What version of Polycom software are the templates intended for? Current logging level 4 000005.984|pmt |*|03|Initial log entry.

My phones are stating Config Reverted after attempting to auto provision, and they have no configuration. 000005.942|log |*|03|---------- Initial log entry ---------- 000005.944|so |*|03|Platform: Model=Sound Point IP 335, Assembly=2345-12375-001 Rev=B Region= 000005.944|so |*|03|Platform: Interface eth0 MAC=0004f2416884 000005.944|so |*|03|Platform: Boot Block= (12375-001) 30-Nov-10 000005.944|so |*|03|Platform: Updater= 24-Nov-11 000005.944|so |*|03|Application, main: Label=SIP, Version=Mink 29-Nov-11 000005.944|so |*|03|Application, main: P/N=3150-11530-401 000005.944|rdisk|*|03|RAM disk created, size: 4,194,304 bytes 000005.944|ocsp |*|03|O. Current logging level 4 000005.984|wdog |*|03|Initial log entry.

000025.944|cfg |*|03|RT| Subnet mask is 000025.944|cfg |*|03|RT| Gateway address is Current logging level 4 000026.560|cfg |*|03|Prov|Starting to update 2345-12375-001ld 000026.684|cfg |4|03|Prov|Provisioning failed 000026.712|cfg |*|03|Prov|Finished updating configuration 000026.712|sec |*|03|Initial log entry.

Current logging level 4 000026.714|so |*|03|Configuration files: 000026.734|log |*|03|Log render level set to 1 000026.780|srtp |*|03|Initial log entry.

Current logging level 4 000029.158|ht |*|03|Initial log entry.

Current logging level 4 000029.158|dbuf |*|03|Initial log entry.

Current logging level 4 000029.154|so |*|03|System Info Reports: 000029.154|so |*|03| CPU is TNETV1055/C55x, rev 2 running at 150.000MHz with memory at 125.000MHz.

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