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What is the history of patient and healthcare advocacy?

The concept of patient advocacy in the United States has a long history dating back to the beginning of the twentieth century but gained significant attention as part of the movement for patient rights in the 1970’s.

While hospitals will generally only hire nurses or other medically-licensed professionals to serve as their in-house navigators, most private advocates come from a variety of backgrounds.

Private patient advocates and navigators in most cases work directly with and are paid by individuals and families.

Private advocacy or navigation services are not generally covered by insurance, despite the fact that many studies prove that better coordination of medical care saves money and improves outcomes.

These types of positive outcomes have given rise to other community-based navigator efforts. Komen Foundation, and the National Cancer Institute have all supported various navigator research efforts based on the success of Dr. Another part of the navigator landscape is now seen in hospital-based nurse navigators, particularly for breast cancer patients.

In most cases, these hospital-based navigators primarily manage the patient’s needs during the hospital stay and discharge planning and they work for the hospital.

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Patient Navigators and Healthcare Advocates: Who They Are and What They Do By Elisabeth Schuler Founder and President, Patient Navigator LLC Past President, National Association of Healthcare Advocacy Consultants Updated August 2016 Patient advocacy, or patient navigation, is gaining attention as an emerging profession, both in the media and in the popular lexicon, because it fills so many gaps in the current American health care system.

What are private patient advocates and navigators Even as the U. Government had begun to address the disparities in access to cancer care among specific communities and populations in the past eight years, the idea of private, one-to-one patient advocacy was born of necessity as a way to mitigate the complicated, inefficient, expensive and fragmented healthcare delivery system in the United States.

Since 2005, the concept of private patient advocacy has taken on a life of its own.

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