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The website tracks the location of all known sightings of Pokemon Go characters in your vicinity...

As you can see from this screen-grab, it's obvious that Pokemon are not that easy to come by on the Island of Kauai...

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Ray gordon chat

And Brandon didn't make most of the fun easy by saying that he didn't want to do the scary stuff, due to being afraid of everything, something that Ray constantly teased him about.

Ray tried to persuade Brandon to try the scariest ride and see if he liked but to no avail.

He has spent the past 12 years doing business in Japan, and has recently committed more of his time to projects in the United States.

Ray's private sector work in New York City included a position as manager of a leading environmental sciences firm that developed environmental impact statements for many of the largest waterfront multi-use projects in the metropolitan New York region.

could only find one sighting on the entire 552 square mile Garden Island!

:)Self-driving trucks will soon grace the highways of Nevada - sounds like a good idea if it catches on.

The paintings are displayed so that you can see them close-up and appreciate the subtleties of Clara's brush strokes and use of colors.

The depth and textures of her pieces are captivating!

This happened three times in a row and when the car stopped, Ray called out to Brandon that he can't stop shaking because the shock was too much.


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