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Patience is very important in the free online dating platform.

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Regardless of what the companies who manage the sites try and tell you….there really is NOT so much difference between the different online dating services. The bigger the site, the more members available…MORE fun you are going to have. The more options that are available to you, especially if you are new, the more likely it is that you’ll find someone who really is perfect for you across the board. I truly believe, my own shyness in getting over the online “hump” and just making REAL dates, and real phone calls, probably cost me a bunch of really good potential matches. Because I probably waited too long…women that were waiting for me to ask for a phone number, or actual date got tired of waiting and simply went out with others who were more aggressive. Just get out there and have fun – you ONLY live once, and just because it’s called online dating, does NOT mean you should be slow to move to the “real” world if you like someone. So many people I’ve met were so much different in person, than they were online…it’s hard to reconcile the two!

Here is what I’ve learned after belonging to, or subscribing to, just about EVERY online dating service around over the last 5 years..:-) Size is Important! A smaller “niche” service may sound good, but in reality, dating is about a numbers game…and having options. I’m going to tell you the truth: I love to write and send emails, and do instant messaging, and all sorts of more “passive” get to know you sort of stuff.

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