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Dylan revealed, “When I was 14, in Cuba, I met Fidel Castro with my dad, and it was really impressive.

And, well, on a totally different level, when I met Justin Timberlake for the first time!

The Vampire Diaries star is reportedly dating Dylan Penn, the 22-year daughter of Sean Penn who rose to fame last year when rumored surfaced that she was getting it on with the aforementioned Twilight Saga stud.

Robert Pattinson tried to remain low-key when he made a swift exit from Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood on Saturday.

The actor was joined by a few male friends during his outing, just as new reports of his love life have started to heat up.

“They’ve been dating a month or two,” a source confirmed to the mag.

“He’s crazy about her.” Robert, 27, split with his longtime girlfriend Kristen Stewart about four months ago and he was spotted checking out a show at the Viper Room with Dylan earlier this month, according to media reports.

But the 22-year old daughter of Sean Penn is definitely featured in the new issue of GQ - and she definitely looks darn good within its pages!

The new Robert Pattinson girlfriend has been identified - and she's no stranger to fame.

” Dylan even opened up about how her parents reacted to her racy magazine photos.

Dylan dished, “They were a bit surprised because I didn’t warn them. You better not go any further.’ I learned my lesson.” The actress and model has a little bit more clothes on for " src=" alt="Dylan Penn" width="223" height="300" data-pagespeed-url-hash="1126722673" onload="pagespeed.

Despite reports that the pair are dating, however, we're continuing to hear that it would be premature to label them as anything more than friends at this point.


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