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However, “come follow me,” the invitation of Jesus Christ, requires a total gift of oneself; discipleship cannot be a partial endeavor.

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I could also experience the joy of fatherhood and fatherhood’s fecundity, but it would not be through a wife and children.

In the end, I was no longer afraid of doing something radical because I finally was able to experience some of the freedom that comes from living the detachment found in the end of the Matthew 6 and confidence of John 14:1.

Unlike some of my brother seminarians, my road to this vocation has not been direct.

In fact, one of the constant struggles in my life is the constant fear that I will fail, not be happy or not serve God in the appropriate way.

However, I was missing the most crucial consideration for all Christians: What did God want me to do with my life?

How was I being called to live a life of discipleship in imitation of Jesus Christ?

I was being called to give my life in a dedicated way to ministry in the Church.

I took a step further and started to imagine my life as becoming a celibate offering, which was the biggest obstacle to me considering of the priesthood.

However, through this process I have learned how to overcome fear and trust in the Jesus Christ instead of my selfish thoughts and desires. My brothers and sisters on Catholic Match, to overcome fear in discernment I suggest a few practices: 1. Our confidence comes from being rooted in Jesus Christ, and the Catholic Church has so much to offer in order to deepen your relationship with God. Pray often and do not be afraid to share your deepest desires or deepest fears with Jesus.

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