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I am a very quiet person — almost a loner — when it comes to my social and private life.

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It has been somewhat of a hard move for me, living in L. I left all my fun theater friends, who became my family…since my whole family lives in another country [Canada]!

So I have been a little lonely living here in California.

Seven years her junior, Marc lives with Nadia in south London.

'Marc and I are alike in a lot of ways,' Nadia has said of Marc.

'People might think it's strange that we're both in the top soaps in the country, but it's not to me,' Angela said earlier this year.

'We were mates long before we started going out together.'Jennifer James and Lee Boardman Geena and Jez in Coronation Street As bar maid Geena and bad-boy Jez Quigley in Coronation Street, this couple shared few scenes on-screen.

He is so passionate with our relationship, so in the end, I knew it was the right thing. I am honored to stand next to him, hold his hand and say he is my boyfriend.

I would say with mine and Brandon's relationship, there aren't a lot of obstacles. We listen; we don't really fight, because we are both laid-back.

The best part is finding someone you can laugh with, have a blast with, enjoy relaxing days together…but also have intellectual, serious and silly conversations with. We are a lot alike; we have the same moral values, and we completely trust one another with our secrets and dreams in life.

We can sit next to each other for hours on end, and just have so much fun doing nothing. I was a little uncomfortable [about doing it] at first.

When we have a disagreement, we always understand where one another is coming from.


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