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They were touting a new, gritty tone for Sonic the Hedgehog as if SEGA exclaimed that our favorite blue blur was growing up along with us.After all, some of our other favorite video game mascots grew up into something that can be best described as hideous.

On that same day, the Burger King began his reign of terror on both the Xbox 360 and original Xbox.

involved me trying the two player mode (by myself), landing on a spring, and watching Sonic launch into the air to his death.

Jumping in, you see a beautifully rendered CG cutscene that looks as if it was taken straight from Final Fantasy.

The plot of the game is established, Sonic rescues the Princess before we even begin.

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I already skipped over a previous game in the Sonic series with the release of Having a game where Shadow packs an oversized glock is still probably the dumbest concept for a video game I’ve seen.

But I shouldn’t judge this new entry without playing it, should I?

I was a broke college student, and while the disc should have worked in a pot of ramen, it sadly needed modern hardware.

It would take a while before I was able to get my hands on it, though I had heard some shady rumors regarding the quality of the final product.

, a game universally panned by fans and critics alike.


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