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However, there are also ways to watch certain movies and television series in their original version, so you can watch some shows in English, too.Spanish television Barcelona and Madrid were the first two Spanish cities to experience television in 1948.

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The good news is that you do not need a television license to watch television in Spain.

There are 35 national channels of which 2 are owned by the government, and the others are under private ownership.

It was 8 years later in 1956 that TVE the first proper channel initiated regular programming throughout Spain.

In 1990 the first private channels began to appear and in the 2000s analogue television started migrating to digital television - analogue TV services were officially discontinued in 2010.

A Spanish OAP fell asleep on a Dating TV show, prompting the host to play an hilarious practical joke on her, which is a must watch.

The pensioner appeared on the show in hope of finding a boyfriend to accompany her in her old age.

Antena 3 is a private channel that was launched in 1990 and the third favourite channel in Spain (11.5 percent).

The programming focuses on the news, magazines, cinema and drama.

Before you bring your TV set with you, you need to know that Spain uses PAL-BG standard, which differs from the UK’s PAL-1, meaning the transmission will not work properly.

As a result, satellite television (communal or private) and digital TV transmission (TDT) are the usual ways expatriates get TV.

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