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Oh, and he also talks about all the "secret and illegal" files you can find on FTP servers. If you're looking for a book on how to hack, or some really interesting, technical information that you can use while surfing the steamy side of the WWW, this ain't it! I am not a hacker in any sense of the word and i allready know everything in this book.

maybe his other books are better but, i don't think i'll waste more money on them.

I must admit that several times I just started snickering.

If you've spent more than a month or two on the internet, you've probably figured out everything in this book anyway.

The way to earn free credits on webcam sites varies depending on the site.

Some have frequent viewer programs that reward customers who make a lot of purchases on the site.

This book goes from very simple explainations about he net, on to more complex items like finding "Pirate Sites", finding passwords, etc from web pages.

It even covers how to lurk the net without anyone knowing where you travel... The author assumes you know such things as how to use compression tools (.

think this book is a good example of sensationalism and shock tactics.

If you know a little and want to know more, pick up some light technical books.

The mother urges all parents to use a shopping cart cover that straps the child to the cart.


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