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The Glass Heart singer posted a Facebook picture of her clinching Diver’s hand during a dinner date last week, while the Strabane born republican also uploaded a snap of his new girlfriend.

Replying to one pal who described his new pop star love as “gorgeous”, Diver said: “Every women I have ever been with has been beautifull....looks are least important in a relationship it’s respect and how u treat eachover. Miss Kan is the latest in a long line of Thai beauties the mankini-wearing dissident has been romancing since fleeing to Bangkok in Thailand in December.

Ten men have since been charged with a series of offences based on what is alleged to have been said inside the house.

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When contacted, Jones simply told reporters, “I’m sorry I can’t help you with that.

No comment.” Dlamini’s new manager Jarred Doyle also declined to comment.

By Brett Campbell A Co Down man who lived next door to a bizarre communist cult — where women and a child were held captive for decades — has broken down in tears as he expressed regret for not intervening.

The Sunday World, in its arguments to the appeal court, said that question - of whether gardai suspected him - should never have been put to the jury.

The publication quotes two people as their reliable sources who claim that Dlamini has been telling people that she and Jones are just friends but have indeed being dating for over six months now.

One of the sources is allegedly one of Dlamini’s close friends who was quoted as saying, “If you don’t believe me, ask them why they travelled together to Botswana to attend the Samsung launch, where Minnie was the MC,” the friend reportedly said.

“If they deny that, ask them about their trip to Germany this week where they are going to watch the Uefa Champions League .

Minnie was invited by Adidas so they decided to buy a ticket for Squinzo (Jones’s nickname and Twitter handle) so they can enjoy a working holiday,” the publication quotes the friend as saying.

The second was headlined "Speedy the Snake" with a photograph of Mr Speedie handling a large snake.

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