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Nothing for sale related to the US-Mexican War and quite a limited selection of items for sale." "From the grounds of the Obispado, there is a great view of Monterrey and a visitor can easily surmise the importance of the site as well as the difficulty in taking such a position." Below: Present-day Monterrey is a very modern city. Morelos (formerly Calle Principal) were taken in the small "pueblo viejo" or "old town" section of Monterrey, away from the tall, modern, office buildings.

Visitors would be advised not to mention the US Occupation." "In a small area, under the stairs, there is a gift shop.

PLEASE NOTE: Information regarding sites was collected from a variety of sources. It is presently being used as a prison and may not be visted. [Return to TOP] One of the principal attractions of the Baluarte de Santiago is some recently discovered Aztec gold.

Addresses, telephone numbers, hours of operation and admission costs may not be accurate. However, if if you walk behind the building, there is a one-room museum of the Intervention.

Exhibits illustrate history of State of Nuevo Leon. Although the Mexicans held the high ground with more than 20 pieces of artillery, the Missourians won. Exhibits are in the Spanish language only but some very informative, well-written English language brochures are available for purchase, upon request, at the ticket booth.

Located on the Plaza Zaragoza in downtown Monterrey. Obispado ("Bishop's Palace")/Museo Regional de Nuevo Leon. Address: Calle Rafael José Verger, Colonia Obispado, C. This structure was used as an American hospital following the Battle of Buena Vista. Alexander Doniphan battled an army of more than 4,000 Mexican troops commanded by General Pedro Garcia Condé. The site offers a nice resturant and small tourist shop.

Address: Corner of Guatemala and Santos Degollado, H.


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