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I recently attended the SDI’s Service Desk Software Showcase event in London, where attendees had the opportunity to identify the IT service desk software that best fits their organisation and needs.

These are great events, and I am sure they provide service desk analysts, team leaders and managers with a glimpse of service desk tools available that may match their requirements.

We work in a mature industry, which not surprisingly, now requires more due- diligent when investing in replacement help desk systems.

I have seen 350 question documents for 20-to-30 concurrent license requirements. So, if you were asked today to select a new service desk solution, what would your initial reaction be?

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Please also follow us on twitter @Stagg App, and re-post this to your own timeline, to help us spread the word about Stagg! I reached out to some famous friends to see what their thoughts were on love, family, and relationships.Upgrades can be costly if they involve starting over again and if your organisation does not have the skill set, or more likely the internal resources, or the tool is not able to upgrade easily.This may mean a review of the market since the cost of a new toolset may be similar to the cost of upgrading the one you currently have.Parents unable to travel to Rexburg may view this event online.I-Night Amplified (Ticketed Event)I-Night is the can't miss, start of school bash.Ask about the areas that could delay the go live date and what the vendor would you do to negate this.


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