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Well, we've taken the plunge and updated our old i Phone 5s and i Phone 6 mobiles to the latest version of i OS, to bring you this complete guide.

Read next: The best hidden features of i OS 10 and i Phone 7 Apple's i OS software is the first thing you see when you load up your i Phone 5s or 6.

To do this, hold down the power button until the power down screen appears (asking you to slide the button to turn off the i Phone).

Now just hold down the home button for a few seconds and it'll flash back to your desktops.

But can the i Phone 5s and i Phone 6 handle the latest i OS?

Updating the older i Phone 5s or i Phone 6 comes with all kinds of problems and concerns. And what happens if i OS 10 is buggy or slow once you've updated?

You can also turn on the Increase Contrast option inside the Accessibility menu, to remove those transparent menus which again suck some processing power.

And if you have a snazzy 3D wallpaper enabled, try swapping this for a static photo. If you're still struggling, try clearing the i Phone 5s or i Phone 6's memory occasionally.

It's a quick and simple affair, although you'll need to make sure that your i Phone is charged up or plugged in and connected to a decent Wi Fi network before you get started.


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