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You configure the data adapter using a wizard, which makes it easy to create the SQL statements you need for data access.

After the wizard is complete, you need to generate the dataset based on the SQL query that you created during this procedure. After you have established the means to connect to the database and specified the information you want (via the SQL command in the data adapter), you can have Visual Studio create a dataset.

The data grid must be bound to the dataset in order to display the data.

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Click Data Grid View1.[Read Only] = False save_btn.

Enabled = False End Sub Private Sub delete_btn_Click(By Val sender As System.

The architecture of Web Forms data binding makes it easy to display data in page controls.

However, data binding is not two-way — that is, data binding reads data from a data source but does not update it.

Bound mode is suitable for managing data using automatic interaction with the data store.

One very common use of the Data Grid View control is binding to a table in a database. Visual Studio can generate the dataset automatically based on the query you specified for the data adapter.The dataset is an instance of the Data Set class based on a corresponding schema (file) that describes the class's elements (table, columns, and constraints). Update(s Table) End If End Sub Private Sub save_btn_Click(By Val sender As System. Update(s Table) Data Grid View1.[Read Only] = True save_btn. The Data Grid View control can display rows of data from a data source.

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