Updating the adm files used by group policy management

I created a GPO in the Server Manager, and edited the settings, includingsome under "User Configuration/Adminstrative Templates". This week, I tried to follow the instructions to install the Office Administrative Templates.

However, when I generate gpresult report on the end computer it looks ugly.

My custom template is listed under "extra registry settings" saying that "Display names for some settings cannot be found.

In this case use "logadm -V" to check it for errors and to activate changes.

For example, one entry in the command as superuser or by assuming an equivalent role (with Log Management rights).

Numerous other log files could exist on a Sun server running the Solaris OS, all depending on the configuration. Whether it is informational or critical, the text notices contained within these log files often provide pertinent data that should be viewed frequently. For most environments, running SSH is a critical component to secure machines.

With the combination of Secure FTP and many users logging in, there is the potential for this file to grow rather quickly over a 24-hour period.

The log rotation problem exists on any server but it is the most acute on log consolidation servers (LOGHOST servers) that collect logs from other servers.

The volume of logs on a busy Solaris loghost system grow over 50G in a week.

If you need to keep these files longer, change the number to a larger value.

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